Friday, November 28, 2008

Mother/Son Snow Reportage!


My mom and I have been planning for our trip to India this winter, and we've gotten all excited about the idea of doing reportage there, so today we went out and decided to do a little reportage at the beginning of a snowstorm here in Colorado.

We started before going to see Madagascar 2 (adorable) and drawing the Christmas lights our neighbors had just put up (on their eagle sculpture in their front yard).


It was only just beginning to snow when we went into the movie, and 2 hours after we came out the cars were covered in 2 or 3 inches of snow. So after clearing off the car and driving home, we decided to head out and do some "drive-by" reportage around the neighborhood.


By the time we got outside, it had actually just stopped snowing, but the sky was still bizarrely light with the clouds. While we were parked in one location two coyotes ran right in front of the car. You don't get that, drawing in Manhattan!


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