Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Belvedere Castle

I've always wanted to draw Belvedere Castle in Central Park, but the last time I tried to draw there, it was January and I got frozen out of the park. Now I decided to go in the summer, and I got horrendously sunburned! I can't win! Or I should just wear sunscreen. Anyhoo, it was a great drawing day, I'm glad I finally got up there to draw the castle. Plus, I got to try out my new reportage stuff for my trip to Disney this year (new dip pen and new oil pastels/turpentine brush pen!) and the new reference book I've been making.


Donna McMenamin said...

Hi Evan, I love this drawing and specifically the rendering of it.

Did you just put some turpentine in a waterbrush, or is there some new turpentine pen that I am not familiar with? Inquiring minds want to know, please.

Enjoyed meeting you at Disney and I will follow your blog!

Evan Turk said...

Thanks Donna!

Yes it was just a waterbrush with turpentine in it. Fun to have!

It was great meeting you this summer too!