Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy Birthday, Me!

In honor of my own birthday (hurray!), here are a few drawings of one of my favorite things: cherry blossoms! I didn't make it to the festival this year (which I think is today, actually) but my boyfriend and I got to go down and watch the early blooming trees a couple weeks ago. The ones that bloom earlier tend to be the white, and light pink ones, which are less showy, but almost more beautiful. There's nothing more relaxing than spending a day underneath the cherry blossoms!

This is a drawing of a father helping his little girl climb one of the cherry trees. I'm not sure that she had decided whether she actually wanted to be climbing the trees, though.


Julia Sverchuk said...

Happy Birthday, Evan! I love you!

Unknown said...

Yes, Evan, Happy Birthday!!!

Caroline said...

Thanks for the great blogs, Evan, which I just discovered, having enjoyed your work on Flickr.
And belated Happy Returns!