Saturday, November 8, 2014

Cubic Greco-Romans

I had the chance to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the first time in a while yesterday! I got to check out the new 65 million dollar entrance (meh) and the new Cubism show (yay!). It was a quick trip, but I got to spend a little time drawing around the Greco-Roman galleries afterwards.

It is always a nice palate-cleanser to go to such an amazing museum after working on projects for a while. It helps to scramble your brain a bit, and point it in new directions.

Can't wait to go back next week!


Cousin Anna said...

I love that you refresh yourself by going to a museum! You're so worldly. I refresh myself by watching The Mindy Project ;)

I love your reportage. Even when you're just sketching, your artwork touches me deeply.

Love you guy!

Evan Turk said...

Thank you Anna! :) I also find The Mindy Project refreshing, haha

Unknown said...

These drawings feel just like the Met's Greco-Roman galleries!!

Julia Sverchuk said...

Love that you apply Cubism lens to your reportage right after seeing the exhibit.

Unknown said...

These are very stylish drawings. Great mixed medial too. Can't wait to see the cubist show. Lauder certainly had a great eye and determination plus a little folding money. How generous to bestow such a gift so we can all be inspired.

Evan Turk said...

Thank you all for your comments! The MET really is wonderful, let's hope it always stays "suggested donation"! :)