Wednesday, April 8, 2009

North Pole Expedition

In a class of mine, director Barry Scott, a friend of the class' instructor, proposed a competition to our class to design a flag commemorating the 100th anniversary of the first trip to the North Pole. Barry came on behalf of the Masonic Kane Lodge in New York City which was organizing an event in honor of Robert Peary (once a member of the lodge) and Matthew Henson reaching the pole on April 6th 1909. So we all created designs, and mine was selected to be used for all of the promotional materials for the event (posters, pamphlets, programs, etc). The photos are of my friend, Christina, and I at the Grand Lodge at the event (which we received a free invitation to!). The lodge is absolutely beautiful, and the room we were in was what the ballroom on the Titanic was designed after. A great experience!


S.Turk and J. T. J. MacKeigan said...


Your mom says you two look adorable! Just want you to know that we are so excited for you. I really like the watchman poster as well!

I am working on my resume... :{ It is a blast!

Have a good one Eman!

Love Tara and STeve

Gina Hiatt, Ph.D. said...

Congratulations, Evan! What a great honor and a good prize, too!

Evan Turk said...

Thanks guys! =)

Anna B said...

What an amazing experience and blessing, Evan! You're such a stud, and your art's great, too.