Sunday, March 28, 2010


My mom was in town for the past week, and we went to see the show Fela! on Broadway. It was phenomenal! I've never been so inspired after leaving a show. The stage, and the entire theater was turned into a spectacle in itself. The costumes, singing, acting, and the music were incredible! It didn't hurt that we were sitting front row, center. We were so close that a couple of times the dancers looked down and saw me drawing and gave me a wink.

The story is of Fela Kuti, a Nigerian musican who created the Afrobeat music style (which is impossible to not dance to!) and became a political activist of Black Power and pan-Africanism.

Fela was inspired by his mother, Kunmilayo Kuti, who was a political activist for women's rights. She was killed after the government responded violently to Fela's anti-government album when she was thrown from a second story window. The woman who played her was incredible. Her voice gave me chills every time, and when she was done with her songs I felt like passing out.

In the second act, in a religious sequence, the entire stage goes into black-light in the dark. It's beautiful. This is also where I noticed the most beautiful woman (one of the dancers). I'm sure I missed a lot of the show just watching these women dance.

Their dancing was completely mesmerizing. It's as if each section of their body was a completely different organism, but all of them were moving to the beat somehow.

Everyone, go out and see this show! You won't be disappointed!


Love Tiffany ♥ said...

This is awesome...They're is something very simplistic yet so powerful about your work...Ah-Mazing!!!!!

Tiffany J Harris

ibeananabart said...

Wusup EVAN!!!
Your work hit my soul that i just had to scream your name.
I love the angle you take.
Those lines have got some LIFE in them. Keep being YOU!