Friday, August 17, 2012

Disney: India at Animal Kingdom

Disneyworld is great because you have access to pieces from cultures all over the world in one place. On this day in the south Asian side of Animal Kingdom, I decided to create one long drawing as a mural design, to play with the type of storytelling and weaving of patterns that Indian miniatures use. Here are a few close-ups:

A hut nestled in the forest
The gibbons on their climbing structure
A family of Indian tourists
The tiger on the nature walk and the lines of people for a ride
The beautiful jungle and river that winds its way through the park


Julia Sverchuk said...

Blew me away as an original, and blows me away now on screen. Gorgeous!

donnamcm said...

Just awesome Evan, I really love the monkeys!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, exciting colors!

Unknown said...

Sigh, I *love*!

Sara said...

Absolutely gorgeous, as usual! :)